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IMG_5927Audrey Marlena Archer is a renaissance millennial striving to make the world a better place. She currently puts her diverse talents and skills to work through her startup consulting company, ArcherAdvantage. She is also the editor for Life in the Raw, a blog site where she promotes living an authentic life and promises “Nothing sugar-coated. Everything unfiltered.”

She received her Masters in Environmental Management at Duke University in 2015, focusing on landscape scale conservation and geospatial analysis. Since graduating, she has spent most of her time working on an innovative monarch butterfly conservation project at the Environmental Defense Fund.

Audrey began taking dance and violin lessons at eight years of age in her hometown, Amarillo, Texas. She trained at LanDance Conservatory and studied the Suzuki Method for music. She attended intensive ballet programs with Boston Ballet and Washington Ballet.  While in college at Southern Methodist University where she studied environmental science, biology and philosophy, she was a company member of Contemporary Ballet Dallas and soloist with Dallas Neoclassical Ballet. Throughout her studies, she has always found a way to keep dance a part of her life.

Aside from picking up violin when home for the holidays and playing with the Barefoot Babes Quartet, she took a hiatus from playing throughout undergraduate school. In her second year at Duke, Audrey joined the  Duke Medical Orchestra and now plays as the second violin section lead in the Central Texas Medical Orchestra in Austin, Texas.

While ballet and violin took a back seat to her academic studies, the timing is now ripe for her to amalgamate all of her talents, skills and experiences to revolutionize wildlife conservation, through two budding non-profits: Movement with a Mission and Signatures of the Seas. She is currently fundraising to make her big ideas a reality.

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  1. Undoubtedly Audrey is a very accomplished young woman.

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