Nothing sugar-coated. Everything unfiltered.

Warning: This first paragraph may make you want to 🙄 at me or even feel 😔 , but bear with me and you’ll see why I think it is so important to include.

I am 27 years old and grew up in the high and dry plains of Amarillo, Texas. I have been extremely fortunate in my upbringing: I am a white female who was raised in an upper-middle class home; my healthy, incredibly inspiring, loving and respectful parents are still in love after 28 years; our home is full of support, laughter, and excitement made complete by my two siblings, two cousins who became part of our family several years ago, and two sweet dogs who are generally at the center of our attention; I have so many aunts, uncles, and cousins that I lost count (somewhere in the neighborhood of 55?); I have not one or two, but THREE inspirational grandmothers who are all alive and well as well as both of my grandfathers; my mother is a breast cancer SURVIVOR and THRIVER; I took ballet and violin classes since I was 6 years old and attended ballet intensives at major ballet companies each summer; our family has gone on extravagant vacations every spring break and summer that I can remember; I went to private schools from 8th grade to graduate school; through my parents’ support I was able to take on unpaid internships that took me from the coast of Delaware to Maui, the Big Island, and North Carolina which allowed me to be a more competitive graduate school applicant; now for the kicker – I graduated from SMU and Duke University without any student loans thanks to scholarships and my parents’ financial assistance.

See? I told you would 🙄 or make you green with envy. Well, roll those eyes back front and center, smile, and give yourself a hug. This blog is not designed to make anyone jealous of me or my friends and family. It is meant to help everyone realize that we are all flawed, despite our superficial appearances on social media profiles.

Behind the resume and filtered profile photos, is a person in the RAW.

Here’s my promise to you: I will never, ever sugar-coat or filter my life experiences on this blog. I will share the good, the bad, and the ugly and I try to be proud and confident through each ebb and flow. I am aware that this puts me in an incredibly vulnerable state, and yes, it does make me a little nervous. But I think it will be worth it if I can help even a single person feel better about themselves and help another feel like they have a companion in this messy, challenging world that is often filled with more struggle than it seems it is worth.

You see, despite the fact that I have had such an amazing, privileged, and (so far) successful life, I have seriously struggled. I plan to share with you all the good, the bad, and the ugly. I will give you my raw self, and I hope I help you discover yours.



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