I feel lucky to have come across this quote by Mark Twain. Not too long ago, I was very intimidated by the words “create” “idea” and “innovate.” Even “think outside of the box” made me cower.

About a month ago, I had an aha! moment when I realized that creativity does not have to come 100% from me; in fact that would be impossible! Instead, creativity comes from stitching together your experiences with those of others’, and interpreting it in your own way.

If you are feeling #creativelychallenged, allow yourself the freedom to be inspired by someone other than yourself. Focus more on interpretation rather than innovation.

Let me know if it works for you, or if you have another helpful tip about overcoming #CreativityChallenges!!


7 thoughts on “#CreativelyChallenged

  1. I cannot imagine that you feel “challenged” by anything. At least not for long. Your creativity expresses itself in so many ways. This blog is just the latest one. You are off to a good start! Keep it up.

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  2. You started this life by being very creative. You decided when you would make your entrance, and showed your true strength know to all by overcoming so much.
    I have always admired you for your spunk,tenacity, and good judgement. As a young adult, you charm us all. Go out there and do what only you can do, girl.

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  3. This is indeed an inspirational quote, thinking of it is so true. Sometimes times I have had challenges with being creative but this comes as a reminder that we all have struggles. Thank you for being open and sharing your challenges.


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