In 2018, go find your happiness!

I just love this song so much, and have decided it is my New Year’s anthem. I’ve already listened to it at least 10 times today.

Unfortunately, the interwebs do not have the lyrics for this song and I am short on time, so I will do my best to capture my favorite lyrics (which may end up being all of them).

Move on from things that might have been and hope time will heal
Regret is worse than any change, got to move on
You fail so you must try again, got to stay strong

Find a new beginning, try to keep your chin up, go find your happiness

The storm will pass if you forget your fears and hold on baby
Your eyes are pretty and so full of tears, stay strong baby

Go find the road that leads to home, don’t stray too far
Some journeys we must take alone, stay on your path
Today will be a good day, break away from yesterday
All the pain you know, you can start again today

The Future is in your hands, the chance is there for you to take!
Go find your happiness.

Yeah that was pretty much all of the lyrics after all.

What will yours be? We can share this one if you don’t have one ☺️.


Here’s what I found out about this band, if you are a new fan like myself!

Weeping Willows is a Swedish band that started out in 1994 as a country/rockabilly band, which then merged with the members of Apache and founded the Weeping Willows. According to their website, ” The Weeping Willows have played in cafés for a cup of coffee and they have headlined the biggest Scandinavian festivals. They have stayed the same but they have also changed a lot. They have spread their music further than they could have imagined yet they are still quite anonymous. Variation, just the way they like it. It’s all about the music.

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