#ToDoTuesday: Write yourself a love letter!

(Almost) every Tuesday I will challenge all of you to a #ToDoTuesday. These will come in a variety of flavors with the objectives of encouraging you to get outside of your comfort zone, promoting self-love and confidence, and nurturing your compassionate side. Essentially, these will be mini tasks that will get you on a path toward living #lifeintheraw.


Today’s #ToDoTuesday is to write yourself a love letter. This is a wonderful time of year to contemplate all of the reasons you love yourself, because it is the time of year when we are all planning on making ourselves “new and improved,” which typically involves a lot of focus on the things that need fixing.

It is a noble quest to continually self-improve, but not at the expense of talking yourself out of love with yourself!

For inspiration, I leave you with one of my fave songs: The Man by the Killers! I was at first somewhat turned off by the lyrics because it came across as anti-feminist and conceited, BUT, now that I have cultivated a stronger sense of self-love than ever before, I realize that it is nothing but a love letter to himself. And we all need to do more of that!

And the music video is absolutely priceless!

The video had so many good moments. Here were a couple:

The left picture is of Brandon holding up his bike helmet, pointing at it enthusiastically, exclaiming “I’m the man!” Such a great way to externalize your confidence!

And the one on the right is him holding up a silver jumpsuit with “The Man” stitched in gold across the back. I think we all need a suit like this, even if it just for pretend. In fact, next time I feel like I’m lacking in self confidence I’m going to “zip up” my “The Man” jumpsuit and tackle it like a boss!

I am left a little worried that at the end, frontman Brandon Flowers is totally defeated. He seems to have been rejected time and time again, but I like to think that once he leaves that parking garage, he plays the song in his car and gets hype on himself again.

Thanks Brandon Flowers for sharing your love letter with us!

If at least one person shares their love letter to themselves (either by tagging #lifeintheraw or commenting on this post), I’ll share mine!!

💌 Audrey


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